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Saint-Sébastien chapel

The painted decorations of the Saint Sébastien chapel at Val Cenis Lanslevillard - S. Perez - Fondation Facim
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  • val-cenis-lanslevillard-chapelle-saint-sebastien-fresques - FACIM Foundation

Not far from the church of Lanslevillard, on a rock, stands the chapel of Saint-Sébastien. With its modest exterior, it does not stand out from the houses... but once you cross its threshold, you will be able to admire its extraordinary richness!


The chapel is richly decorated with murals that are reminiscent of today's comic strips: divided into rectangles separated by white strips, they depict episodes from the life of Christ and Saint Sebastian. One does not know where to start reading this exceptional set of 53 panels... A clue? Like a comic book, read from left to right and from top to bottom! If you look up, you can also admire the ceiling, composed of 918 sculpted and painted coffers. Nothing is too beautiful to represent Heaven!
Don't forget to admire the altarpiece made, initially for the village church, in 1630: one of the very first sculpted in the baroque period in Savoy!


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Saint-Sébastien chapel
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