Rock heritage at Val Cenis

The first human settlements in Haute Maurienne date back to the Neolithic period. A visit to the archaeology museum in Sollières will reveal a wealth of artefacts bearing witness to their occupation of the Balmes cave.

The rupestrian heritage at Val Cenis, signs of the past... still very present!

Signs of the past... still very much present!

The earliest expressions of rock art throughout the Alps are to be found on rocks. At Val Cenis, numerous slabs were carved in the mountain pastures thousands of years ago. The mysterious Pierre aux pieds on the heights of Val Cenis-Lanslevillard, cup stones scattered everywhere, including the great "Pierre des Saints".

The meaning of these engravings has been lost, but this astonishing (and fragile!) heritage remains. To find out more about the archaeological heritage at Val Cenis and Haute Maurienne Vanoise, visit the Musée d'Archéologie at Val Cenis -Sollières or the sites in neighbouring Aussois, including the Parc des Lozes and the new Espace des Gravures Rupestres at Fort Victor-Emmanuel.

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