Tango Festival

Every summer, from the outskirts of the Rio de la Plata to the mountains of the Alps, vibrate to the rhythm of Argentine tango with the Val Cenis Tango Festival. Shows, initiations, classes, tango aperitifs... And, of course, the famous "Milonga de las nubes" at an altitude of over 2000 metres, in the extraordinary setting of the Mont Cenis plateau.

Du 21 au 24 août 2024
Lifestyles at Val Cenis, to the tune of a tango!

Vibrate to the rhythm of Argentine tango at Val Cenis

This festival, whose seventeenth edition we celebrate this year, is a tribute to these distant "cousins" of Latin America through the music and dances of these countries.

The Val Cenis Tango Festival has a real raison d'être in this region. Indeed, in the mid-19th century, life was very hard in the mountains, prompting some villagers to emigrate to Argentina and Uruguay in search of a better life. A history that has created strong links between Val Cenis and Latin America.

We thus welcome for your greatest pleasure, Maestros of reputation, orchestras and DJ who give to this event an international scale and all its place among the festivals of Tango of the hexagon.

Dance classes, tango aperitifs, shows, milongas with the highlight of the week that regulars look forward to: the "Milonga de las Nubes" - Milonga of the clouds - at the Mont-Cenis pass at an altitude of 2,100 m.

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