Freeride and ski touring

Freeride fans are in for a treat at Val Cenis ! Wide-open spaces, virgin powder snow, forest rides between fir trees... you're in for a treat!
Are you interested in ski touring? Discover our safe, signposted ski touring itineraries: Chalets de l'Arcelle, Soday and Col du Mont-Cenis, trails just for you! Take full advantage of the skills and knowledge of our local guides for your outings - friendliness and expertise guaranteed!

Map of ski touring routes

Venir à Val Cenis
Safety first

The mountain is a place of freedom and adventure. But before leaving the open and secure slopes to put on the skins, always make sure you have respected the safety rules: check the quality of the snow cover with the professionals, weather report, shovel, probe, ARVA.
Be accompanied and tell at least one person about your itinerary. The easiest way is to call on the professionals, instructors and guides of the resort who will accompany you in complete safety to enjoy the fresh snow and wide open spaces. In the mountains, you must also know how to give up. It is sometimes tempting to launch yourself into a virgin face but if the safety conditions are not met, always play it safe and turn back or choose a less exposed slope.

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    Ski et glisse

    Ski et glisse

    Ski et glisse
    Le domaine alpin de Val Cenis

    Le domaine alpin de Val Cenis

    On the border of France and Italy, skiing is also available in a big ski version.
    Val Cenis cross-country trails

    Val Cenis cross-country trails

    Contemplative cross-country skiing, healthy cross-country skiing, playful cross-country skiing or sporty cross-country skiing, you should enjoy it!
    Les écoles de ski à Val Cenis

    The ski schools

    Find the family atmosphere of our ski schools to fully enjoy your stay.
    Play areas in Val Cenis

    Recreational areas

    When it comes to having fun on skis or sitting on a sled, everyone is there!
    Equipment rental and lockers at Val Cenis

    Rentals and lockers

    Mountain professionals at your service to help you choose your equipment.
    High altitude restaurants

    Les restaurants d’altitude

    For efforts rewarded by a good meal or simply a "mulled wine" break.