Le Parc National de la Vanoise Nature préservée à Val Cenis

The Parc National de la Vanoise, the first national park created in 1963, is located mainly in the commune of Val Cenis. A protected natural area to discover and preserve.

First national park in France

This protected area, most of which lies within the territory of Haute Maurienne Vanoise, was founded in 1963, thanks in particular to Gilbert André, then mayor of Bonneval sur Arc. The central zone, known as the "heart", is a protected area with regulations that promote the biodiversity of landscapes, environments and species, and preserve the cultural and mountain heritage.
In just a few steps, you're in the heart of France's first national park. Together with Italy's Gran Paradiso National Park, they form one of the largest protected areas in the western Alps. But never mind the big words. The important thing is to open up a territory of rare experiences. A breathtaking landscape of peaks, lakes and deep valleys. Incredibly diverse flora and animals in their natural habitat that you can get close to: marmots, ibex, chamois, bearded vultures...
Mountaineering, hiking, fishing at altitude: real moments of mountain wonder to share.

The Parc de la Vanoise celebrates its 60th anniversary
The park celebrates!

Vanoise National Park celebrates its 60th anniversary


In 2023, the Parc national de la Vanoise celebrates its 60th anniversary. All summer long, numerous events, outings and workshops are organized at Val Cenis. This anniversary is an opportunity to look back on the progress made since the creation of the Park, to discover or rediscover its riches, to meet the professionals who work for and in the Park...

Find out more about the Park's 60th anniversary

The Vanoise National Park
Second largest commune in metropolitan France...

... Val Cenis is made up of numerous protected areas.

More than 57% of its territory is located in preserved area and only 4% is developed (3% for the inhabited part and 1% for the ski area).
Turn your smartphone into a hiking GPS with the rando.vanoise.com application available for free on the App Store and Google Play.
The park is home to twenty glaciers, more than 100 peaks above 3000 meters, 600 km of trails, forty refuges ... and forms, with the Italian National Park of Grand Paradiso (14 km of common border), the largest protected area in Europe.

In winter, all nature seems to be asleep. But the wild fauna is well and truly present, adopting various strategies to survive our harsh winters: the marmot hibernates, the black grouse uses the igloo method to spend the night, the birds that stay here put on a real down jacket by inflating their feathers.
For the others, destination South of France or Africa... waiting for more favorable weather to come and meet us.
All the energy used to overcome the cold and find something to put under the beak or the tooth is colossal, so it is important, during your sliding activities or walks, to disturb as little as possible our courageous friends: any additional movement in the snow can be fatal.

A privileged meeting with nature

The park rangers, whose missions within the national parks are very varied, also offer meetings throughout the winter to present their work and help you discover the secrets of the environment that surrounds us.
Don't hesitate to contact mountain guides with the "Esprit Parc" label. While guiding you safely on snowy itineraries, they will be able to attract your attention, arouse your curiosity and make you want to know more about the mountain environment.
This period is favourable, for example, to observe male ibexes coming down from the summits to take advantage of more accessible food.

The Vanoise National Park website

Summer at Val Cenis
The Vanoise National Park
Essential to the protection of an exceptional and fragile natural environment

Adopt the "Parc attitude

Walking, running, photographing, feeling, listening, breathing, contemplating, observing, learning, transmitting, respecting...

- Come onfoot, without your dog (even on a leash), leave your mountain bike and paraglider at home
- Admirethe beauty of the flowers without picking them, they won't grow back at home
- Feed yourselfwith tasty local products but do not feed the marmots
- Optimizeyour water and electricity consumption in the huts
- Initiate yourselfto the calm of the mountain, to the tranquility... disconnect
- Followthe trails and don't cut the laces on the way down
- Takethe shuttles instead of your car

Open this extraordinary picture book with your children, awaken their curiosity, make them aware of the environment, respect... That's what real mountain vacations are all about!

Activities and entertainment

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