Top 5 winter activities in Val Cenis

What can you do on vacation at Val Cenis ? There's skiing, of course, but there's much more. Here's a selection of outdoor activities, from sensational to more leisurely, to choose from according to your desires, so you can enjoy the mountains in a different way, whether you're with family, friends or even solo. Our Top 5 activities to try this winter.

Skiing with a view of Italy and the Vanoise National Park

On the Italian border, you'll find a grand ski version of the sport: 1,400 m of vertical drop spread over 125 km of slopes!

A vast, natural, modern and varied ski area, where you can enjoy the slopes without waiting, thanks to the latest lifts, play areas and exceptional panoramic views from the ski area.

On the Val Cenis-Lanslevillard side, you can admire the Vanoise National Park, right in front of you, and the Dent Parrachée, which rises to 3697m.
On the Val Cenis-Lanslebourg side, enjoy the breathtaking view from the Canopée des cimes, a platform suspended in the void above Lake Mont Cenis. From here, at an altitude of 2800m, you can enjoy panoramic views of the Southern Alps and Italy.

Finally, from the Val Cenis-Termignon sector, you can discover the superb Aiguilles d'Arves. Selfie required!

Top 5 winter activities at Val Cenis : skiing with a view of Italy and the Vanoise National Park Aiguilles d'Arves.
Top 5 winter activities at Val Cenis : skiing with a view of Italy and the Vanoise National Park

1400 m of vertical drop on 125 km of trails!

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Discover the ski area

Les Aiguilles d'Arves

Top 5 winter activities at Val Cenis : snowshoeing in the Vanoise National Park

Snowshoeing in the Vanoise National Park

At the gateway to the Vanoise National Park, the snowshoe trails offer sublime panoramas in the heart of unspoilt nature. Guaranteed to amaze nature lovers and lovers of wide open spaces! Alone or accompanied, day or night, the resort offers snowshoe hikes to satisfy your desire for adventure and experience! You can discover wilderness areas, see animal tracks in the snow or, perhaps, spot an ibex in the distance. In winter, it's not uncommon to see the animal emblematic of the Vanoise National Park near Vallonbrun.

Test snowkiting

This winter, discover a new activity at Val Cenis : snowkiting.

The twin of sea kitesurfing, snowkiting lets you glide, jump and criss-cross wide-open spaces in total freedom, with the wind as your ally. With your skis on, you're equipped with a harness that connects you to a small kite you can pilot. A kite as a ski lift, and a very eco-friendly one at that! Towed by the kite, you feel free to explore the vast, wild plains of Val Cenis. It's an activity worth trying out, or simply admiring, on the Termignon side or in the area around the Col du Mont Cenis.

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Top 5 winter activities at Val Cenis : try snowkiting
Top 5 winter activities at Val Cenis : discover the archaeological museum

Discover the archaeological museum

Val Cenis is not just about skiing! The resort boasts a rich heritage, with authentic villages such as Bramans, Baroque churches and chapels such as Saint Sébastien, home to authentic "medieval comics".

Even more astonishing, Val Cenis is a historic site with prehistoric remains. In summer, for example, you can see mysterious engraved rocks in the mountain pastures. And in winter, visit the archaeology museum at Sollières. 5,600 years ago, the first people to settle in the area, following the retreat of the glaciers, settled in the Balmes cave at Val Cenis-Sollières. The museum aims to bring to life, for the duration of a visit, a thousand-year-old history through the reconstruction of the interior of the cave, explanatory panels, a fine collection of objects including pottery, arrowheads made of flint, serpentine or bronze, necklaces... An exhibition likely to amaze enthusiasts and specialists in prehistory and archaeology from the Neolithic to the Metal Ages. Visits are also offered specially for children and teenagers, with treasure hunts, "archaeologist seed" workshops, pottery discovery days...

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Tobogganing? A must-do activity during your winter vacations!

But at Val Cenis, you can take advantage of a specially-designed toboggan run! For maximum fun, don't hesitate to head for the 900 m toboggan run, for a twenty-minute descent with bumps and banked turns! A track reserved for sledges and accessible all day long.

The Val Cenis-Lanslevillard route is also themed around " Jojo the snail ", one of Val Cenis's mascots.

Top 5 winter activities at Val Cenis : tobogganing!